Success story! HokoCloud tells us about their Soft-Landing Netherlands experience

HokoCloud joined our Soft-landing mission in October 2018 and found out that the Dutch startup ecosystem is a keeper. Currently they’re in the process of setting up a business in The Netherlands. We had the chance to talk to Anuj Sehgal, Co-Founder & CTO at HokoCloud, about his ‘Soft-Landing’ experience…


Article by Crosspring


From all the countries you could visit, why join a mission to the Netherlands?

“The original reason HokoCloud joined the soft-landing mission was to get an exposure to the Dutch market and ecosystem. We were already considering re-locating the company from Cyprus and the Dutch ecosystem seemed attractive. The soft-landing mission appeared to be a good opportunity to get an overview of the ecosystem.

Furthermore, we were also hoping to make local connections that would make it easier for us to relocate to Netherlands and at the same time get feedback from mentors and possible connections to investors.”

Any first impressions to share?

“From all the information provided during the soft-landing mission it was quite clear that Netherlands offers a very startup friendly ecosystem. There are several opportunities provided by the government for a start-up to establish itself, and along with this the start-up community itself is very active. There is also access to skilled talent, which for a technology based company is quite important. Being highly connected in the digital and transport areas also allows for us to quickly react to the growing needs of our company and its customers.”

What do you think of the mission?

“The Soft-Landing mission was one of the best experiences we have had so far. Most startup events tend to pick too many participants and then attempt to cater it towards everyone, and this causes real information and learning to get lost in the program. But the number and quality of participants, was extremely well matched with mentors and informational talks at soft-landing. This allowed us to gather not only information about the business environment and opportunities in Netherlands, but also make connections to local business partners, mentors and investors. This experience was invaluable.”

Are you expanding to the Netherlands right now?

“We are currently in the process of setting up a Dutch BV company. The good folk at Innovation Quarter are currently advising us and guiding us through the process. The Dutch BV will become our holding company and we also intend to locate our software development staff in Rotterdam. HokoCloud is counting on The Netherlands as a big part of its future.”


And it all started with a Soft-Landing Mission… Want to experience new startup ecosystems just like HokoCloud? Our FREE mission to the Netherlands is still open for applications – just click here.

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