All applications are done on F6S.

Startups and scaleups: check the open calls on https://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

Ecosystem builders: check the open calls on https://soft-landing.eu/for-ecosystem-builders/

Ecosystem builders are individuals who contribute to strengthen and promote their startup ecosystem in various ways.

We are looking for the following profiles: mentors, investors (associate/partner), serial entrepreneurs and business angels, entrepreneurship opinion leaders and journalists, as well as representatives of incubators and accelerators.

Join a growing community of startup ecosystem builders from around the world!

Soft-Landing takes you on a Mission to 6 destinations inside and outside the EU.

Inside the EU, you can discover Berlin, Paris, Vilnius and the Netherlands.

Outside the EU, the possible destinations are currently United States.

Find all about the Soft-Landing destination ecosystems. 

If you are a startup, find all the details of the open calls here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

If you are an ecosystem builder, find the details of the open calls here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-ecosystem-builders/

Yes! Both startups and ecosystems can have their travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed up to 400 EUR in the Missions inside the EU (Berlin, Paris, Vilnius, Zoetermeer), and up to 950 EUR in the Missions outside the EU (India and Silicon Valley).  Participants have to keep proof of expenses and comply with the reimbursement procedures provided by the Soft-Landing team in order to be reimbursed. The funding available described above is per startup (not per team member).

No, this is not allowed. Soft-Landing is aimed at connecting different startup ecosystems and facilitating cross-border collaborations. Therefore, you cannot join a Mission where you or your startup are based. 

Yes. Contact the team if you need support.


If you are a startup, you can download them here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

If you are an ecosystem builder, find the agendas of the Missions for ecosystem builder here: https://soft-landing.eu/for-ecosystem-builders/ 

As a Soft-Landing participant, you are expected to participate in the entire programme (from beginning to end). Missing any section(s) of the programme will disturb the smooth running of the activities and the group, and the travel expenses will not be reimbursed. If needed, please clarify the working/email hours with the person responsible for your Mission, before you sign up the contract.

The number of team members that are allowed to participate in the Mission is specified by the receiving ecosystem in the sample agenda – available for download here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

Note that the financial support for reimbursement of travel/accommodation expenses is only given to one individual representing the startup.

You can read all about the Soft-Landing Missions in our News section.

Make sure to connect with the SoftLanders in the Alumni section

You can also find real-time information about our Missions on social media: we are on Twitter and on Facebook. Follow us! #SoftLandingEU


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Soft-Landing helps ecosystem builders explore other startup destinations and supports high-growth companies expand around Europe and beyond.

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