All applications are done on F6S.

Startups and scaleups apply to the Missions here: https://www.f6s.com/slsa/apply

Ecosystem builders apply to the Missions here: https://www.f6s.com/slb/apply

If you are a startup, find all the details of the open calls here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

If you are an ecosystem builder, find the details of the open calls here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-ecosystem-builders/

Yes, please select the ecosystem(s) you would be interested in if not selected at your first choice (be as specific as possible). Play close attention to the message received on F6S as you will be notified if your application is considered for the evaluation process of another ecosystem in case you are not selected in your first choice. Contact the team if you need support.

Yes, you can. Please select the ecosystems that interest you in the application form.

If you are accepted, you can still apply again. If you wish to do so, please inform the Soft-Landing team directly.

Currently, possible destinations are India and Silicon Valley in the US.

The number of team members that are allowed to participate in the Soft-Landing is specified by the receiving ecosystem in the sample agenda – available for download here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

Yes, you can download them here: http://soft-landing.eu/for-startups/

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Soft-Landing helps ecosystem builders explore other startup destinations and supports high-growth companies expand around Europe and beyond.

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