Success story! NeoFinance gets €70K investment from the Soft-Landing mission to the Netherlands

One company that can tell you about their experiences with a Soft-Landing Mission is NEO Finance! We talked to this Lithuanian P2P lending platform operator, who participated in the first Soft-Landing in The Netherlands and eventually received investment from Crosspring.


Article by Crosspring & F6S


First of all, what made you decide to join the Soft-Landing mission to the Netherlands?

“We joined the mission to The Netherlands to find out if it was an interesting country for us. The initial goal for our Soft-landing to The Netherlands was to onboard new investors, get as much feedback so we could improve our business and experience more ‘know how’ on international expansion.”


What was your first impression of the country?

“Our first impression of The Netherlands and the program was really positive. The Netherlands is a country with very good startups and a good startup ecosystem and culture.”

How did you experience the Soft-Landing mission?

“During the mission we received a lot of feedback and some ‘cold showers’ from users. We needed this to further develop ourselves and our product. It also made us change our plans because of the things we learned during the Soft-Landing project and we took the expansion slower. We actually first took a few steps back and then got ready. Since we knew exactly what was important to focus on we see the Soft-Landing Mission as a very useful program.”

After the Soft-Landing mission you received investment from Crosspring, one of the Soft-Landing partners in the Netherlands. Are you currently planning to expand to the Netherlands?

“Yes we are! We always saw The Netherlands as one of our target markets, and after the investment from Crosspring we are now busy opening a subsidiary in NL for our international expansion.”

During the mission NEO Finance got in contact with Crosspring as the host of the Soft-Landing Mission in The Netherlands. NEO Finance later received a €70K investment from Crosspring.


And it all started with a Soft-Landing Mission…

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