Startup Alumni AmberScript on our Berlin Mission: “I would say, go for it. You will have an awesome time and at the same time meet potential new clients and investors.”

AmberScript is one of the startups that joined our mission to Berlin! 

AmberScript works on the cutting edge of speech recognition technology, bridging the gap in speech recognition between China/USA and the rest of the world. Their self-developed AI speech to text engines obtains the best results (even better than Google’s) in the market. These are used directly (e.g. to enable the deaf and hearing impaired to understand the municipality meetings of around 130 Dutch municipalities) or through their online SaaS tooling which helps their customers to bring the audio of interviews to perfect transcripts (e.g. market research agencies, the police) and of video to perfect subtitles (media producers, broadcasters). AmberScript is growing fast and has been used by over 60.000 hearing impaired, journalists, scientists, students, doctors, media professionals and lawyers. Please visit for more information.

We had the chance to talk to Peter-Paul, co-founder & CEO of AmberScript, about his Soft-Landing experience.


It’s been some time since the Soft-Landing mission, and even longer since your startup applied! But we are interested to know, could you think back to when your team Amberscript applied and tell us what you were hoping for this mission?

We were hoping to get connected to potential German customers and investors, as well as learn which conferences, hubs and people we should be aware of in the German tech ecosystem.



Beyond the specific agenda of the mission, what insights did you gain, or what skills did you improve throughout the week?

We learned about the business preferences and investment philosophy of German investors.


You’ve already mentioned to us that one of the benefits of Soft-Landing for you was making new collaborations. Could you tell us more about building your network? 

We met GTEC, the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center, which has proven to become a great collaboration partner. They have introduced us to investors and other startups. We have an office space and a lot of credibility because of them in Germany.

We have also met a lot of investors which we are still in contact with.



Now, at 6 months after the mission, have you gained any new partnerships or closed any deals as a result of the Soft-Landing mission?

Our contacts and knowledge have given us credibility in Germany, as a result we have around 500 German clients now, among which the German Landtag Mecklenberg-Vorpommern, Audi and Humboldt University.


Since returning home, have you implemented any of the lessons learned in the mission into your own work, or even shared tips with your local ecosystem?

We have promoted the Soft-Landing missions across our network!


What would you say to a startup or an ecosystem leader thinking of joining our upcoming missions?

I would say, go for it. You will have an awesome time and at the same time meet potential new clients and investors! Potentially even more, like an office location and collaborations with partner startups.



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