Soft-Landing connects top startup ecosystems through numerous exchanges of ecosystem leaders, strengthening the knowledge of EU, US and India’s startup scene and building strong networks. It also provides soft-landing and scaling support to European startups in the target destinations.

Connecting startup ecosystems

Soft-Landing will connect the startup ecosystems of the consortium hubs (Lithuania-Vilnius, the Netherlands-Zoetremeer, Germany-Berlin, France-Paris) and United States, India and more, through Startup Ecosystem Discovery Missions gathering 200 participants and up to 50 Speaker/Mentor exchanges.

Building capacity to scale

Soft-Landing will build capacity to scale in the consortium hub’s home ecosystems through increasing awareness on the destination startup ecosystems (the aforementioned 4 + US, India and potentially more) and providing practical know-how about the scaling conditions, process and support available in those ecosystems. Feedback events in the sending hubs following the missions will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and foster business scaling.

Helping startups grow

Soft-Landing will help 96 startups and scaleups scaling through high-value personalised 1-week programmes (with the possibility to extend up to 1 month) in Germany, France, Lithuania, The Netherlands and United States. They will have the opportunity to immerse in the destination ecosystem, make relevant connections and partnerships and participate in local events.

Soft-Landing in a few numbers


Ecosystems explored through multiple Missions


Ecosystem Builders traveling across the hubs


Startups participating in Soft-Landing