Startup ecosystems better connected

European startups fail to scale, which is often the reason why they also fail in general. To avoid this, startup ecosystems must be better connected and support the flow of startups from one ecosystem to another. Soft-Landing comes as the answer.

Soft-Landing connects startup ecosystems and facilitates growth for European scaleups. Applications open!

A Startup Europe initiative funded by Horizon 2020, Soft-Landing runs numerous exchanges of ecosystem leaders, strengthening the knowledge of EU, US and India’s startup scene and building strong networks. It also provides soft-landing and scaling support to European startups in the target destinations.

The offer is simple and pretty attractive, allowing participants to explore the inside-out of the destination ecosystem, build long-lasting connections and spreading the knowledge:

Ecosystem Builders (i.e. startup mentors, incubator/accelerator representatives, serial entrepreneurs, investors) can join intensive 3-day Missions in the startup hubs of Lithuania, The Netherlands, France, Germany. Missions in the US and India will also be organised. Travel costs are reimbursed.

Startups and scaleups are invited to “land” for 1-week in the same ecosystems, benefiting from soft-landing mentorship, hands-on support to scale in the possible future market and access to local events and conferences. If they wish to do so, startups are welcome to extend their Soft-Landing stay in the destination ecosystem for up to 1-month, getting free access to office space and other facilities.

Soft-Landing is run during 2018 and 2019 by Startup Division, GTEC, Crosspring, IMT Starter and F6S, all veterans in startups growth.

The rolling application for startups and for Ecosystem Builders is continuously open on F6S. Interested applicants must select the ecosystem they would like to visit and check the application deadlines.

The first Mission gathered a delegation of 18 Ecosystem Builders coming from 6 different countries in the Berlin startup hub, March 2018.

“Soft-landing gave me the unique opportunity to get to know the huge potential of the Berlin ecosystem for startups and to make close connections with other ecosystems around Europe. It gave me the chance to work together to support our startups scale up, a great initiative.” – Ignacio Garcia Vega, Soros Gabinete

 “Soft-Landing lets you to feel the flavour of the foreign startup ecosystem, connect with similar-minded people from different countries and bring the experience to your local communities. Definitely recommend.” – Gediminas Dilertas, Vilnius Tech Park.


In April, Soft-Landing will bring startups and ecosystem leaders to the Netherlands, with a programme dedicated to FinTech companies interested in the Dutch ecosystem. May waits for players looking to explore the Paris entrepreneurial ecosystem, with Soft-Landing taking participants to multiple key startup organisations and providing access to the VivaTech conference.

Participation in Soft-Landing is free thanks to Startup Europe. Applications open:

For more information check the Soft-Landing website and follow us on Twitter!


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