Applications for the final round of Soft-Landing missions are now OPEN! (and we’re especially looking for female founders)

Join us for our final round of Soft-Landing missions!

This time, we’ve added a new destination, New York, and we’re on a special lookout for female founders to join us and share their perspective with the group.

We hope you are ready for a jam-packed, intensive agenda of scaling support in new destinations. As our final round of missions, we have put everything we’ve got into making these missions leaner and faster, to help you internationalise, find new clients, navigate local legal and tax challenges, and expand your network.

In one and a half years, 270 founders and startup ecosystem leaders from all over Europe and beyond have joined us, discovering new startup hubs, making important connections (both locally and with the Soft-Landing community), formalising partnerships, and even locking down investment. 

If you’re a startup thinking about how to internationalise, then choose your destination below and apply before our spots run out!

If you’re a startup leader (accelerators, mentors, investors, journalists and corporates with startup programmes) we just have the one destination, the Netherlands, for you this time, so it will be competitive – get applying as soon as you can!

Travel & accommodation expenses are covered up to 400 EUR (EU missions) and up to 950 EUR (US missions) thanks to Startup Europe. What are you waiting for?


New York

14-18 October 2019

“Their honest opinions helped challenge our strategy…and avoid many mistakes that European companies make when entering the US market”

Are you thinking about scaling up your startup in New York?  Are you an ecosystem builder that works with startups (an investor, mentor, accelerator, journalist?) Then this free, fully-organised agenda will give you the support you need to internationalise.

What can you get from our mission in October 2019?

  • Find out why companies like Adobe, Amazon, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Spotify and Sony are based in this region
  • Meet the organisations that can help you, from startups that have scaled successfully to innovation hubs
  • Learn how to navigate the local tax, legal & hiring practices in New York

Apply by 2 August to join our 1-week mission to New York!



Silicon Valley

11-15 November 2019

“I’ve launched 3 weeks after coming back from Silicon Valley- quick decisions instead of ‘best’ decisions and fail fast culture really made an impact on me”

If you are thinking of scaling in the United States, then Silicon Valley is often the first place on the list.

No nonsense business and moving fast are two concepts many people bring back from visiting the Valley – as well as having made tangible connections to build on when you take your first steps to setting up in the US.

What can you get from our mission in November 2019?

  • Break misconceptions and knowledge barriers – what is the local business culture like and how can you work it to your advantage?
  • Get a crash course on incorporating in the United States, hiring norms & sales the Silicon Valley way
  • Meet the local people who can help you scale up – local investors, VCs & successful startups that have scaled there (learn from both their failures and successes)

Apply by 8 September to join our 1-week mission to Silicon Valley!



The Netherlands

23-27 September 2019 (25-27 for Ecosystem builders)

“Soft-Landing Zoetermeer was a game-changer, a paradigm shift for us.”

If you are the founder or team member of a FinTech startup, then this mission has been designed for you.

Last time, one of our startups, NeoFinance, found investment as a direct result of the mission. We help you make new connections, which develop into partnerships, and then deals.

What can you get from our mission in September 2019?

  • Learn how to scale your business in The Netherlands, the second most innovative country in the world.
  • Meet with local legends like Startup Amsterdam, uGlobally, StartupDelta and more, to position your business in the market and get insights on the local business culture.
  • Learn how to navigate the legal and tax regulations with our partner Nauta Capital, especially for FinTech startups

Apply by 31 August to join our 1-week mission to Zoetermeer!



4-8 November 2019

“ A real deep-dive into the thinking and behaviour on the ground in Berlin.”

Berlin is known as one of the startup capitals of Europe. Last year, we organised three successful missions to Berlin, in which our participants had the chance to hear from the most important players in the Berlin ecosystem, get honest feedback on their pitches, visit local hubs, take part in the TechOpenAir conference and learn how to survive the legal ‘jungle’ of scaling up in Germany.

What can you get from our mission in November 2019?

  • Meet key players in the German ecosystem: investors, Government representatives, VCs and many more
  • Visit corporate innovation hubs and get to know local success stories (both failures and successes)
  • Participate in local events and meetups to start making your first connections and collaborations

Apply by 20 September 2019 to join our 1-week mission to Berlin!


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