Where do I apply?

Startups apply to the Soft-Landing stays on F6S: https://www.f6s.com/slsa/apply

Ecosystem Builders apply to the Discovery Missions on F6S: https://www.f6s.com/slb/apply

Where can I find the deadlines to apply for the Discovery Missions/Soft-Landing stays?

You can find all exact dates and deadlines in the Calendar, as well as at the end of the pages “For Ecosystem Builders” and “For Startups”.

If I do not get selected neither to the first priority destination, can I apply again to another Discovery Mission/Soft-Landing stay?

Yes, you can apply again and choose another destination. Play close attention to the message received on F6S as you will be notified if your application is considered for the evaluation process of another ecosystem in case you are not selected in your first choice.

Can I apply for more than one Discovery Mission/Soft-Landing stay?

Yes, you can. Please select the ecosystems that interest you in the application form.

If you are accepted, you can still apply again. If you wish to do so, please inform the Soft-Landing team directly.

What are the possible destinations for Discovery Missions outside the EU?

Currently, possible destinations are New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore in India and Silicon Valley in the US.

Does the reimbursement amount differ depending on the Discovery Mission?

No, the reimbursement amount is the same regardless of the mission destination, except for if it is within or outside the EU: up to 700 Eur reimbursed within the EU, and up to 1200 Eur outside the EU.

What kind of guidance do I get during the Discovery Mission?

Each Mission has its own agenda provided, you can download them from “For Ecosystem Builders” page.

Does the project reimburse travel and accommodation costs for startups during Soft-Landing stays?

No, selected startups have to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses. Startups are encouraged to apply to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, funded by the European Commission. This programme covers up to 1100 EUR / month for up to 6 months, which makes it an ideal complement to Soft-Landing as it enables startups to stay at the ecosystem for longer than one month.

If my startup/scaleup is selected for the Soft-Landing stay, can all the team members travel together?

The number of team members that are allowed to participate in the Soft-Landing is specified by the receiving ecosystem in the sample agenda – available for download in the “For startups” page.

Are there any preliminary agendas for the Soft-Landing stays?

Yes, you can download them in “For Startups” page.

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