With Soft-Landing stays, startups and scaleups have the chance to dive into a 1-week experience in a foreign ecosystem to help them grow their business internationally.


Choose the destination ecosystem: Germany, France, Netherlands and Lithuania are waiting for you!

Connections with the local network

Shortcut to your future market / destination ecosystem’s inner layers

Tailored, hands-on support from the receiving hub’s mentors

Mentorship to getting established in the market and scaling internationally

Access to office space and other facilities

Participation in local events and conferences, as well as social events


The rolling application is open on F6S until 31st October 2019. Pay attention to the calendar dates and deadlines and APPLY NOW to the Soft-Landing stay that suits you most. A total of 96 startups and scaleups will be selected to participate in 27 Soft-Landing stays. These consist of a 1-week immersion in their selected ecosystem: Paris, Berlin, Zoetermeer or Vilnius – check the agenda planned for each ecosystem below. Startups can stay longer and receive support for up to 1-month if they wish to do! Once back home, startups will be asked to share their experience in a feedback event.

Choose your destination and apply on F6S

96 scaleups selected to 27 Soft-Landing stays

1-week Soft-Landing stays in destination ecosystems

Going back, Giving back & Scaling-up


Startup and Scaleup indicators

Level of development indicators: funding to date, revenues, traction, strength of the team.


Based in Europe.


Motivation to scale to and benefit from the destination startup ecosystem.

Capacity of scaling up

Capacity of scaling to the destination startup ecosystem.


Although the Soft-Landing stays are valued in 3K€, participation in the programme is free of charge thanks to Startup Europe. Selected startups have to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Contact the ecosystem representative if you need support.

Ready? Apply Now!

Fill-in a short application form on F6S if you’re interested in scaling-up in other startup ecosystems. The Soft-Landing stays are 1 week long, but you are able to stay in the ecosystem and benefit from hands-on support for up to 1 month.


Destination EcosystemDateApplication deadlineAgenda
Zoetermeer, the Netherlands9-13 April 201820 March 2018 – closedDOWNLOAD
Paris, France21-25 May 201811 April 2018 – closedDOWNLOAD
Vilnius, Lithuania11-15 June 201830 April 2018DOWNLOAD
Berlin, Germany18-22 June 20183 May 2018DOWNLOAD

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